Crowd Control Barricade Covers: Printing


Blockader ® has produced barricade covers with a large variety of graphics for over 20 years — everything from simple logos to complex photographs.  Attention to detail is what separates the Blockader process from the rest.

We offer two methods of printing:
Silk Screening and Solvent Inkjet Printing.

Silk Screening

silk screened barrier covers

Silk Screened Barrier Jackets for Time Square Alliance Event

Silk screening is the perfect method for applying logos and text to jackets. This method keeps edges crisp and the colors brilliant, assuring that your message will make an impact at any distance. The materials and the inks are durable, allowing years of effective use.

  • We use equipment specifically suited for large format printing, operated and run by journeymen press operators with years of experience.
  • We use quality vector software that guarantees that your logo is as crisp and clear at three feet wide as it is on your letterhead.
  • We utilize the Pantone Color Matching System so your jacket will feature the exact colors you want.
  • You’ll receive a digital proof simulating how the graphics will be printed on the vinyl. Once the design is approved, the design elements are separated into colors and outputted to film.

Solvent Inkjet Printing

Ink Jet Barrier Cover

Inkjet Barrier Covers for Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA

Blockader® also has three inkjet printers, which print on vinyl or canvas, that are large enough to print full bleed on an eight-foot barrier jacket. This technology uses special inks that withstand harsh, outdoor conditions.

There is no set-up cost with inkjet printing so small runs (even single jackets) can be printed inexpensively. Complex graphics, such as photos, are possible, and can allow for eye-catching images to be printed onto a jacket.

Inkjet printing utilizes four color process imaging. Both vector and quality raster image files can be used. Images are printed at 720 dpi quality.

Quick turnarounds are possible with inkjet printing – sometimes in as little as 36 hours from order to delivery.

Blockader® inkjet printing is so good that only an experienced eye can tell the differences between a true silk screened jacket and one that has been printed on the inkjet printer.

Knowledgeable Staff

When you call Blockader®, you will talk to a knowledgeable staff person who can help determine the best way Blockader® can satisfy your jacket printing needs.