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Barricade Jackets: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Selecting Barrier Jackets

Why choose Blockader?

Blockader was the first company to commercially offer barrier jackets. Since 1992, our barricade jackets have been used by companies, teams, venues, and major events nationwide. Quality materials, custom fit, and experienced workmanship have distinguished Blockader barrier covers as the industry standard.

How can Blockader barrier jackets pay for themselves?

Jackets act as ground-level billboards, and can turn your barriers from an expense to a revenue stream. Many event sponsors will pay to have their logo or message on a barricade jacket. Otherwise, by placing your own logo or message on a jacket, the payoff in advertising or public relations exposure can offset the cost. Jackets are also a great way to communicate directions to your patrons, eliminating questions and saving staff time.

Can the logo on my jacket match the colors of the logo on my company’s letterhead?

Yes! When you order your jackets, you will be required to tell us the PMS (Pantone Color Matching System) colors of your logo. Our experienced press operators make every effort to ensure that the colors on the printed jacket match your PMS colors.

Can a logo taken from my company’s website be used on a jacket?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Graphics on a website are composed of a set of dots that will not display properly when enlarged.

So how should I submit my logo to you?

Please send all artwork in EPS Vector format. Vector files define lines as a mathematical formula that can be resized to virtually any dimension without a loss in quality. Most corporate logos exist in vector format. Contact your organization’s graphics department for more details.

I don’t know my barrier’s manufacturer. How do I order a jacket?

Blockader’s Customer Service Representatives (888-436-1238) are thoroughly familiar with all frame variations and will be happy to assist you in identifying your barricade so we can provide you with a custom fit jacket. This site’s Barrier Size/Style Variations page is a good starting point for identifying some of the most common variations. If your barrier doesn’t seem to look like any of these common variations, don’t worry. We’ll work with you to identify the measurements of your barrier so we can produce a custom fit jacket for you.

Why do you need an exact measurement of the barrier in order to create a jacket?

Blockader barrier jackets are not intended to be an off-the-rack, one-size-fits-all product. All of our jackets are designed to custom fit specific barriers, so that the result is a precise, professional, and attractive barrier cover.

I have a large supply of material left over from another project. Can jackets be made from that material?

Yes! Blockader jackets can be sewn from any material. Please contact a Customer Service Representative to discuss how much material is needed, and the shipping details.

How accurate are the colors shown on your website? Can I get fabric samples before buying?

Due to color variations inherent in computer monitors, the color seen on a given computer screen may not be an exact match of the actual fabric. If you would like an actual sample, please call us, and we’ll send one to you. Samples of our vinyl fabrics can be sent out the same day. Mesh or banner material samples are usually sent out within two to three days.

I need a jacket in a color that is not listed on the website. Can you get that color for me?

Yes! The colors listed on the website are just a sampling of what Blockader offers. We offer the most extensive selection of colors for barrier jackets. We carry all of the standard colors. There is limited availability of some special-order colors from some suppliers, but we will make every effort to meet your needs.