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The Correct Fit For Your Barricade Cover

How we ensure that your jacket perfectly fits onto your barrier

The most accurate way to identify frames is to indicate the source and reference number. If your frame is from a known supplier, it is likely that we already have a pattern cut to fit that frame. Otherwise, refer to the drawings below and find the frame that most closely matches your barrier.

Looks Are Deceiving

The three frames depicted below all appear to be the same size. Frame 1 is the Classic Blockader 2-Meter, measuring 79 inches wide (excluding hooks). Frame 2 is a popular variation measuring 81 ½ inches wide. Frame 3 is 87 ½ inches wide. Each of the three have hooks at different heights and have differing corner radii. A jacket that is a perfect fit on Frame 1 will not fit the other two. Hence, it is highly important to have exact measurements.
Measure For A Correct Fit
Measure For A Correct Fit
Measure For A Correct Fit

Mixed inventory

Be aware that with so many frame variations now being sold, facilities frequently have mixed inventory. Please double check that you have sufficient inventory for the size and number of jackets being ordered.
Measure For A Correct Fit

Additional Information

  • Frames for jackets are measured without the hooking lengths
  • Some competitor frames are similar to the classic Blockader® size enabling the use of existing Blockader® patterns
  • Many frames are not the same length even though they appear to be (78″, 81.5″, 82.5″, 87.25″, 97.5″, 98″)
  • Bases have no influence on jacket fit unless ground length is specifically requested
  • Corner radii vary with fabricators and are important for proper fit
  • Classic Blockader frames can have 4 hooking variations

A Note About Frames Purchased From Web Sites

Barriers ordered from websites can often be difficult to identify. We have noted 33 instances where photos, drawings, or other specifications did not match the product shipped to customers. At least three sites have replaced one odd-sized frame with a non-identical product, but did not change the photos or specifications on their site. If you have purchased from a website, please call us to  verify the exact size and style of frame to be covered.