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Barrier Jacket Materials

Barrier jacket materials are available in a variety of options

BarrierJackets.com offers a number of material options. The following are the three most popular jacket materials currently utilized. Looking for something else? Call us for custom material requests.


Barrier Jacket MaterialThe most popular jacket style, most jackets are made from Snyder premium vinyl material.

  • Vinyl jackets fit perfectly on the barriers
  • Ideal material for printed logos or messages
  • Wide range of colors are available for solid color jackets, or for the background color of printed jackets.
Standard Jacket Color Swatches


Blue MaterialFrom Glen Raven Inc.
Jackets can also be made of Sunbrella material. This premium material is often used for jackets that will be placed on barriers used at private events, cultural trust events, and charity auctions or fundraisers.

Sunbrella® has been the world standard for awnings, marine applications, and campers for over 40 years. Sunbrella® is made from solution dyed acrylic yarns. It is available in many pure colors, fade resistant, tear resistant, mildew resistant, and has 98% UV protection.

Jackets made from Sunbrella have a long life, and retain their color for a longer period of time, and are easier to clean.



Jackets can also be made from vinyl mesh. Mesh material helps the barrier’s wind resistance in high-wind areas, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Logos retain their visual impact.

Mesh Colors

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