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Specialty Custom Covers

Custom Covers Can be Custom Fitted and Printed

While designing and creating custom covers for steel barriers is what we are known for, we are also experts in custom specialty covers for any object or structure. If it can be measured – we can cover it! We’ve designed custom-printed covers for:

  • – Pianos
  • – Chairs
  • – Concession stands
  • – Concrete barricades
  • – Jersey barriers
  • – And so much more!

Check out some of our past work below and contact us today at (800) 448-2647 to get your specialty project started!

Concrete Barricade Custom Covers

Don’t Let Your Event Look Like a Construction Site – Cover Your Concrete Barricades!

We have outfitted concrete barricades of various sizes with our fitted jacket covers. Typically leveraged to advertise sponsors at events or inform patrons of safety guidelines, these custom printed covers are an aesthetically pleasing upgrade from the industrial appearance of concrete barriers.

Common Uses:

  • Outdoor Events
  • Restaurant Renovations
  • Public Works Construction
  • Highway Construction


Let Your Fencing Speak for Itself with Custom Printed Covers

Just as seasoned event organizers understand, ensuring efficient and organized crowd control holds immense importance for the success of concerts, sporting events, or sizable gatherings. Whether faced with a shortage of attendants for guidance or managing multiple segments of designated seating, incorporating precise signage on your plastic event fencing can significantly enhance the communication for the event, help advertise and even match other décor.

Ideal for:

  • Branding and Advertising at Events
  • Social Distancing Protocols
  • Sectioning off VIP or Reserved Seating
  • Signaling Handicapped Seating Sections

Custom Printed Chair Covers

Let Your Seating Speak for Itself with Printed Custom Covers for Chairs

As any experienced event planner can tell you, effective and orderly seating is paramount to a successful concert, sporting event or large gathering. Whether you are short-staffed on ushers or have several sections of reserved seating, having a clear message directly on your chairs can go a long way in effectively communicating the seating situation.

Ideal for:

  • Branding and Advertising at Events
  • Social Distancing Protocols
  • Sectioning off VIP or Reserved Seating
  • Signaling Handicapped Seating Sections

Custom Piano Covers

An Unused Piano Doesn’t Have to Be a Distraction – Add it to Your Event’s Decor with Custom Covers

When we were first approached to custom fit a cover for a piano, we thought it was a unique, one-time situation. We quickly discovered that several venues and universities have large, hard to move pianos that are only used at some of the events. The rest of the time they are in the way or even worse – a distraction. Covering them with a custom printed jacket with the venue or event logo on it is a creative solution to an often overlooked problem.

Common Uses:

  • Concert Halls
  • Universities and Schools
  • Mega Churches and Worship Centers
  • Public Parks with Performance Staging

Stadium Seating Custom Covers

Protect Your Outdoor Seating from Inclement Weather

If you’ve ever planned an outdoor event, you know you can’t predict the weather. Keep your stadium seating dry with custom fitted seating covers. Use custom printing to personalize these covers with your logo!

Common uses:

  • Protecting Outdoor Seating from Rain and Other Weather
  • Signaling VIP or Reserved Seating
  • Sectioning off Closed Seating Areas
  • Advertising or Sponsorships

Custom Printed Jersey Barrier Covers

Transform Unsightly Jersey Barriers into Ground Level Billboards

We are a leading supplier of plastic jersey barriers for use at construction sites and highways. Its only natural that we also specialize in custom printed jersey barrier covers. Advertise your construction company or future business directly on your jersey barriers or leverage them to display safety messages for pedestrians passing by.

Common Uses:

  • Advertising & Branding
  • Safety Messaging
  • Covering Damaged or Defaced Barriers
  • Improving the Curb Appeal of a Jobsite

Outdoor Bookstand Custom Covers

Cover Outdoor Bookstands When Not in Use

Outdoor bookstands and libraries are often found in public parks, universities and communities. Custom-fitted covers can be used to protect the books and can be printed on to display a logo or messaging.

Often Used by:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Public Works Departments
  • Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Citites and Municipalities

Custom Table Covers

Protect Your Event Tables with Custom Covers – Fitted and Printed

Covering your table with custom printed stretch fabric can give your booth that extra pop at your next trade show while simultaneously protecting your table from damage.

Common Uses:

  • Advertising and Branding at Trade Shows and Conventions
  • Protecting Tables from Scratches and Other Damage
  • Signage for Registrations and Sign-Ups
  • Covering Unsightly or Damaged Tables