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Custom Chair Covers

Great for branding, advertising, social distancing, special events, VIP seating!


Why order these from us?

  • – Inexpensive; volume pricing is available
  • – Made in the USA to the highest quality
  • – Quick shipping, even when custom printed
  • – Standard colors available



    • – Any width and any height
    • – Custom printing
    • – Fast install with strong straps to fit any chair
    • – Volume pricing is available
    • – Encourage social distancing

    Customize your pure vinyl chair back cover by adding logos for sponsors, social distancing messages, or special advertising messages. Using the same vinyl as our high-quality barrier jackets, both options can fit most chairs. We have a wide variety of brilliant colors in stock and offer quick turnaround.

    Great for branding, advertising, special events, theater seating, employee recognition, VIP seating! If you prefer a custom custom cut and sewn option, contact us for more details.

    Our experts know covers. If you have a question or something other than a barrier that needs to be covered, talk to us!

      Order your chair covers sample package today, call (800) 448-2647.

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      Reserved Chair Covers
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      Logo Chair Covers
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