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Chair Strap

7”x60” pure vinyl chair strap with buckle. Standard colors available.


The strap can be adjusted to fit any size chair.

Customize with a logo or special message. Strap can be easily attached and removed.

Easy to use in stadiums, arenas, theaters, auditoriums, schools, restaurants, and any other place where people gather.

Custom Design Chair Covers

Encourage social distancing and block out seats with custom, pure vinyl chair back covers.

Customize with a logo for your team, sponsorship, social distancing, or a special advertising message.

Elastic bands on each size allow these slipcovers to fit onto the backs of almost all chair models.

Custom sizes are also available.

Perfect for school and stadium seating environments, in bars, cafes, restaurants, poolside, and more.

Piano Covers

Tamis created a fabric piano cover, featured at plaza in Boston Common.  The piano cover features the wording “Piano on the Plaza” along with the logos of the Boston Common Public Garden and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

This specially-designed piano cover also includes a fine felt internal lining to protect the piano from scratches.

Outdoor Carts


Concrete Barriers

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