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4 Barrier cover options

Ranging From Basic To Sophisticated

Guaranteed best-quality material and printing– made and printed in USA.

Barrier Jackets

Full covers produced by Blockader since 1990. Custom-fit with Superior material and construction.

Full 2 inches wide and long hook and loop for tight easy to read fit.  Not the short and narrow cheap hook and loop just 1 inch wide that breaks down in a year.

All edges, even around the hook and loop, are hemmed (not just cut from the roll) for longer useable life.

3 Images Single Ski Mock Up

Barrier Wraps

Economic alternative that folds over the top so images can be printed for both sides

What happens to cheap copies is they rotate and the image rolls.

In addition, the wind blows from the sides and it billows out and bunches up. Not with Blockader.

The superior coated fabric does not curl in on the sides either.

Real brass grommets, nickel-plated, with teeth to lock into place.  Not the sharp cheap ones that cut the material and pull out when pulled tight.

2.5 Banner Scaled

Picture Frame Covers

Blockader pioneered this concept of using the outer frame of the barrier like a picture frame to provide a more effective way to highlight the message.

You only print on one side so the cost is significantly less while still being tight and not floppy like typical quick print banners.

The same premium grommets correctly spaced for a nice tight image.

2M Picture Frame Barrier


Fit 95% of all variations on the market, one size fits all.

– Premium vinyl

–  Digital print any message or graphic

– Hook and look top locks

– Use single or as a continuous run

– Most inexpensive option

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Dscn1438 Scaled
2M Social Distancing
1M Picture Frame
1M Picture Frame
2.5 Banner White Scaled

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