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The Vogue Theater in Indianapolis is one of the oldest and storied venues in the Midwest. Opening as a movie theater in 1938, Vogue quickly evolved into a concert venue and eventually a nightclub and established itself as one of the most popular nightspots in Indiana. Throughout the past seven decades, the theater has evolved with the current trends and is always on the cutting edge. With such a unique and creative reputation, it is no surprise that the theater is using Blockader Barrier Jackets for their crowd control barriers in a rather unconventional manner.

For those patrons privileged enough to find themselves on the V.I.P. list, two stunning black barrier covers with the iconic Vogue logo will greet you as you bypass those who are forced to patiently wait in line. It’s never a bad thing to be associated with the upper echelon of clientele and the hottest dance club in Indianapolis and with a concert history that includes Johnny Cash, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cheap Trick, and Kings of Leon, we are in pretty good company.