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It was an out-of-the-ordinary request with a quick turnaround time and a hard deadline. Brixmor, a company that owns and operates nearly 400 retail centers across the country, had a plaza which was under complete reconstruction. Plastic jersey barriers protected the perimeter of the construction zone; however, they are not attractive.

Brixmor felt the barriers took away from the image of their brand and did not fit with some of their high-end tenants. The company also wanted the public to know which restaurants and facilities were still open during construction, and give these businesses additional advertising.

Brixmor reached out to four reputable cut-and sew-shops, asking them to submit samples of covers that would solve their problem.

Nate Zawoyski, a senior product specialist with Tamis, has years of experience with retail construction sites. He quickly jumped on the project, was able to qualify Brixmor’s requirements, some of which proved to be a challenge, like a quick turnaround on production and delivery, their budget, and their high expectations.

Once Nate got the measurements of the barriers, colors, and fit specifications, he discussed their ideas for graphics. He then got to work with our sew shop. Unlike some of the competing companies that created simple throws, Tamis sent a prototype that matched Brixmor’s requirements.

After examining the samples it received, Brixmor chose Tamis as its supplier. They were impressed with Tamis’s attention to detail and our quick delivery of the prototype. Tamis’ combination of attentive customer service, expertise, and multiple options won over Brixmor. Now it was time to get to work.

To create the barrier jackets, and coordinate their delivery, Nate worked closely with Brixmor’s marketing department. Through Nate’s detailed discussion of their wants and needs, he learned Brixmor wanted more of a snug fit and he understood time was of the essence. He confirmed the specific colors and graphics needed to create each individual jacket.

The results – Jersey barrier covers that met or exceeded every one of Brixmor’s requisites. Brixmor and Tamis have gone on to create additional Jersey barrier covers for other properties that are also under construction.

This highly successful project spotlights the many advantages Tamis brings to the table when working with companies – in any industry – who want to promote their brand via non-traditional marketing avenues.


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