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eSports tournaments are computer game competitions between two teams of 5-6 players. Teams dual each other in popular games to determine the winner. Gone are the days when it would be controversial to refer to eSports as a professional sport, in the past two years these competitions have become mainstream in our culture. Being a competitor has established itself as a stable career where you can make some serious cash.  With a long line of investors and a rush of sponsored events, these organized tournaments bring in a large crowd from all over the globe.

Crowds Need Management

Like any event, a great outcome largely depends on a reliable crowd management plan. We’ve all seen barriers used for their traditional purpose, ensuring those eager viewers are safe and secure, however, our ergonomically designed barriers can be utilized in many other ways. Just as fast as eSports is growing in popularity, dressing your barriers up in barrier jackets has become the industry norm. Through our ongoing relationships with venues, we’re continuously identifying the benefits of these jackets.

Easy on the eyes

  • With endless customizable printing options, your design can leave an unforgettable impression on attendees.

Extends your barrier’s life

  • Old steel barriers looking a little rusty? Covering your barriers in one of our jackets can create a brand new look, extending the life of your current inventory.

Practical for indoors and outdoor

  • Whether your event is indoors or outdoors our barrier jackets can be constructed of vinyl for a premier look, spandex for a perfect fit or mesh to withstand the wind.

Make it a billboard

  • Advertising made easy. Your event is able to sell ad space, adding to your revenue. We have the ability to match any Pantone color that means any logo can be displayed vividly and accurately- sponsors will be lining up!

Save some time and add signage

  • Trying to navigate in a large crowd without proper signage can easily become difficult and frustrating. Signage displayed on your jackets can minimize the time viewers spend trying to find where they need to be and maximize the time actually enjoying your event. Signage also minimizes labor costs by decreasing the number of employees required on the floor.

No Competing With That

While some trends come and go, some are a staple inefficient event planning. Barrier jackets make your event more engaging, are aesthetically pleasing, and bring in the sponsorship dollars. Now that sounds like a first-place winner.