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The home of the Miami Dolphins, Sun Life Stadium in Miami, features crowd control barriers – covered with jackets featuring the Dolphins’ logo – on the field, and in other select locations around the stadium.


When the Dolphins’ players are introduced and run onto the field during the pre-game ceremonies, you’ll see that that these jacketed barriers create a pathway for their entrance. These jackets occupy a highly-visible prime space, as the player introductions/entrance is shown on the stadium video screens, and also often in television coverage of the game.

The steel barriers serve their purpose of creating a safe and secure “path” for the players, while the jackets promote the Dolphins brand and create an attractive video setting.

Sun Life Stadium purchased 28 jackets from BarrierJackets.com early in the 2012 season. In addition to their use on the field during the pre-game introductions, they are also used in and around the stadium’s LIV nightclub.

PlayersIn advance of the 2012 season, The Tamis Corporation also provided more than 150 crowd control barricades to the stadium.

Same old jackets, brand new logo!

For the barrier jackets used at the stadium in 2012, the Dolphins requested solid color orange jackets. The team’s logo is then affixed to each jacket via Velcro® fastener. The team is planning a logo change for the 2013 season, so this will enable them to incorporate their new logo on jackets next year, eliminating the need to order completely new jackets.