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Custom Piano Cover

Custom Piano Cover

Because of its reputation for creating attractive jackets that cover crowd control barricades, The Tamis Corporation recently received a unique invitation to provide a cover for an outdoor piano.

Tamis created a fabric cover that is now being placed over a piano which is a featured attraction at a newly-opened plaza in Boston Common.  The piano cover features the wording “Piano on the Plaza” along with the logos of the Boston Common Public Garden and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. This specially-designed piano cover also includes a fine felt internal lining to protect the piano from scratches.

With the goal of enhancing the ambiance at the Brewer Fountain Plaza and attracting people to the park, the piano is being played daily from noon to 2 p.m.  An Ivers and Pond model built in 1885, the piano was gutted and outfitted with a Roland electronic keyboard to make it adaptable to its outdoor setting.

Tamis also provided covers for two magazine/newspaper racks which are also situated in the new plaza.  The piano and magazine rack covers were contracted by The Friends of the Public Garden, based on Tamis’ past design and creation of crowd control barrier covers which feature the logos of cities, performing arts venues, sports arenas, and corresponding corporate sponsors.

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