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Barrier Covers In New York

Barrier Covers In New York City For The Gap “Be Bright Nyc” Marketing Campaign.

Thirty barrier Jackets created by BarrierJackets.com were a major part of the “Be Bright NYC” campaign to promote the remodeling and opening of The Gap’s flagship store in New York City in October and November.  The jackets, featuring the Gap’s logo and “Be Bright NYC” wording were placed over strategically-located crowd control barriers throughout Harold Square.

With the goal of blanketing the area with the Gap campaign, jackets were one part of a larger marketing mix that also included umbrellas, tables, and chairs featuring the logo.

To create these jackets and coordinate their delivery, representatives of The Tamis Corporation worked closely with Bryant Park Restoration and its 34th Street Partnership, and the strategic marketing firm Grow Marketing.

While barrier jackets are most typically vinyl material, this campaign’s jackets are printed on premium Sunbrella® acrylic material.  This was also a double-sided jacket, featuring “Be Bright” wording on one side and “Be Connected” wording on the other.  And while most jacket designs are 4-color, this one featured 7 colors.

To accommodate this complicated and quick-turnaround request, staff at the BarrierJackets.com print shop worked over the Columbus Day holiday weekend.  The 30 barriers and jackets were in place for the store’s opening on October 10.