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As a company which has produced custom-fit barrier jackets for nearly 20 years, we have learned that this is far from a “one size fits all” market.  From basic to sophisticated, a number of different jacket styles and sizes (as well as extra signage options) have found favor with customers depending upon their specific messaging needs. See how with our options overview below.

Printed Jacket with Logo or Message

Attendees of major sporting or concert events have seen crowd control barricades which are covered with jackets which feature the sports team’s (or league’s) logo, or the logo of a major sponsoring corporation.  This is the most popular style of barrier jacket.  Text or logos can be placed anywhere on a jacket.

When jackets are printed using the latest technology and attention to detail, the end result is attractive artwork that conveys a professional, market-focused image.  A logo calls attention to the “visual identity” of a company or event. Thus, a barrier jacket complements other marketing/promotional activities.


Solid Color

Even with the option of printing logos or messages on jackets, some sites prefer to spruce up their barriers with a simple color jacket.  Why? The goal of a jacket in a single solid color (which is how the first barrier jackets were produced in the mid-1980s) is straightforward – to make barriers more colorful and attractive.  It is an aesthetic solution, rather than a marketing one.

Two-color jackets go one step beyond this. Uniform solid blocks of color (either horizontally or vertically) can match and event’s color scheme, or match the colors of a team or sponsor.


Picture Frame

PfbThe “Picture Frame” style leaves the top, bottom and sides of the frame exposed. These four outer steel frames of the barrier serve as a picture frame for the message. The material is pulled tight on all four sides of barrier with tie-wraps. This effect creates distinct visual impact, at less cost than a full-size jacket.


Custom Variations

We can also produce ground length jackets, in which the jacket stretches below the bottom frame of the barrier to the ground. Another custom option is an extra wide jacket which covers both the barrier frame and the hooks.


Sign Options

Many venues which use solid color jackets do so because they want to use the barriers to convey simple directional or instructional messages which are attached to the jacket via hook-and-loop fastener. “Parking,” “Exit,” and “Season Ticket Holders Only” are some examples of wording which is placed on a jacket. Directional arrows are also often utilized to point patrons in the right direction.



A number of different barricade jacket styles exist to serve a wide span of applications for differing events or venues. Because of their attractive and pervasive marketing potential, multi-color covers featuring logos or advertising messages continue to increase in popularity. Knowing all of the available options will help your site choose the jackets which will most effectively increase the value of your steel barricades.