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Barrier jackets are prime advertising space, and placing your logo on jackets that are located in high-visibility areas can give an extra push to your branding initiatives.  Our team of designers will work with your existing logo or artwork, but we have also created special elaborate custom designs for numerous companies.

Earlier in 2012, the House of Blues in Las Vegas wanted to make a splash by accessorizing their crowd control barriers during legendary musician Carlos Santana’s series of concerts at the venue.  They gave the Tamis design team a black and white “Santana” logo, and using that as a starting point, we produced barrier jackets which enhanced that logo with color and additional design elements, on an eye-catching, colorful background.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, these jackets are prominently displayed on the crowd control barriers that are in prime space (and highly visible to patrons) throughout all of Santana’s shows at the House of Blues.

If you want to promote your venue, team, or company, or if you sell advertising to corporate sponsors, custom-designed barrier jackets from barrierjackets.com will make a cost-effective marketing/branding impact.